The evaluations forms that you fill in at the end of workshops that you attend are very important to us and to the speakers as well. We don’t just make paper aeroplanes out of them! We take them very seriously. They tell us what we are doing right and what isn’t so good. So thank you for helping us keep the standards of the Forum Workshops so high.

Here are a selection of evaluations from previous workshops:

“Understanding and Working with PTSD and Complex Trauma”

58 forms returned. (62 attendees?)
Form statistics –
Speaker 91% Excellent – 9% Good
Expectations 71% Excellent – 24% Good – 5% Average
Format 71% Excellent – 24% Good – 5% Average
Venue 82% Excellent – 16% Good – 2% Average
Overall 78% Excellent – 20% Good – 2% Average
(Breaks down as 79% excellent – 19% Good – 2% Average)

Comments -“Very interesting speaker’, Non dairy milk would be nice’, Real coffee next time please’, ‘Excellent topic. Very relevant to my work’; ‘Very interesting day. Lots of information’; Speakers depth of knowledge was impressive’; ‘Very well organised and good engagement with us all”; Excellent presenter. Very Knowledgeable. Clearly presented”; ‘Could not hear questions asked’; ‘Really insightful workshop. Thank you’; ‘Venue very good. Shame parking so expensive. Buffet lunch welcome’; ‘Excellent day, very informative’; Very informative. A lot to take in’; ‘My first Forum event. Very impressed. I will be joining